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Diary of a 60's Cover Band (Blog)

The latest astonishing song we've added is "Something in the Air", recorded in 1969 by the one hit wonder band Thunderclap Newman. They were put together by Pete Townsend around a drug addled drummer (Speedy Keene) and an eccentric jazz pianist (Thunderclap Newman). The song has a killer middle instrumental section.

We've also recently added "Everlovin' Man" by The Loved Ones to our repertoire in honour of the late great Gerry Humphries. Dennis does the most astonishing version you've heard bar the original. See him in action here. 

Remember the 60's?

The 60's were an exciting, revolutionary, turbulent time of great social and technological change: assassination, unforgettable fashion, new musical styles, Camelot, civil rights, women's liberation, a controversial and divisive war in Vietnam, the first manned landing on the moon, peace marches, World's Fairs, flower power, great TV and film and sexual freedom.

Please note:
The Substitutes are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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Friends & Fans


An unusual event: young fans at our Kew RSL gig 27/11/10.

Abby and Lindsay at the Baringhup Ball July 31, 2010. They hosted us for breakfast.

The look was strictly '60s at the Baringhup Ball (Linda, Abby, Sue). 

Crowd participation in "Instant Karma" - l-r : Barbara, Jeff, someone and Jen (the party animal!) - Carnegie Hall November 21 (photo courtesy of Rockin' Ronnie).

Mentone Hotel dancers June 19, 2009 (who's that bloke in front doing the waltz?).

Barbara and Anne - prominent members of our faithful Crew. Thanks girls!  June 20, 2009 Maroondah Club.

Ronnie and friend at Carnegie Hall, May 1 2010. Note the Joy Division T-shirt in the background (cool!).

Baringhup Hall (near Maldon), site of the annual Baringup Ball on July 31. The Substitutes had a great gig here. 


Lachlan White, roadie to the stars or at least The Substitutes!

Pete Robinson is clearly our main attraction - Mentone Hotel in April 2009.

Mentone Hotel dancers June 19, 2009 (photo courtesy of Rockin Ronnie).


Four ladies (including Leonie) scored our performance @ Williamstown 28/6/2008.

Our very first 'Full House' sign at Nighthawk Blues 15/11/2008.

Lemmy with his electronic belt flashing 'The Substitutes' at Kew RSL 9/11/2008.

Dianne & Russell at Eltham RSL 17/02/2008.

Simon @ Williamstown RSL 24/2/08.

Karen & Leonie @ Williamstown RSL 29/3/2008.

Noelle, Pat, Anne, Kerry and Terri @ Elwood 20/10/07

Carmel & Kel Shayne @ Elwood 20/10/07

Dave Dixon (of Dixon's Recycled CD's & Records) & Denise @ Nighthawk 19/10/07

Jane @ Opus Downtown  3/11/07

Anne @ Opus Downtown 3/11/07

Elaine @ Opus Downtown 3/11/07

Rockin' Ronnie McIntosh @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Sue, Di & Sally @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Sherryn Love, Channel 31 presenter of "Wrokdown" @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Jan Dixon @ the Nighthawk 19/10/07

Impressively dressed Mod Girl at Kallista party 23/06/07

Lori @ Elwood 17/11/2007

Nighthawk friends (names lost!) 19/10/207


Nighthawk newcomers 19/10/07


'Sleepy' Dave @ Elwood 20/10/07


Debbie & Marilyn @ Opus Downtown  12/10/07

Leonie & Deb @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Carol & Darryl @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Dianne & George @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Margaret (Marcie & the Cookies)  and friend @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Di & Sally demonstrating 'The Watusi' @ Opus 12/10/07

Jacquie & Juan Pabio  and friend @ Opus Downtown 12/10/07

Elwood regulars (the girls) 20/10/07


Elwood regulars (the blokes) 20/10/07



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